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A CNG conversion kit is a set of components that are installed in a vehicle so it can operate using CNG. CNG conversion kits usually come with parts such as regulator, high pressure tubing and fittings, pressure gauge, filling nozzle, hoses, hose clamps, advance timing processor, fuel change over “ON/Off” switch as well as the necessary wiring, straps and screws.

The fuel change over switch allows the driver to switch from gasoline to CNG in just a push of a button. CNG conversion kits usually do not include the CNG tank or cylinderas well as the cylinder valve. They are purchased separately from the CNG conversion kit. CNG United will provide you ALL parts and accessories needed to successfully complete your conversion.

Using CNG conversion kits has several advantages and a few disadvantages also. For people who are contemplating on making the switch from purely gasoline-run vehicle to a CNG/gasoline bi-fuel system, knowing these advantages can help you make the right decision that is best for you.

Natural gas is significantly less expensive than Petrol(gasoline). The cost of natural gas can go as low as 50 % a Petrol (Gasoline ) Ltr. Equivalent. In some areas, natural gas costs as low as a third of the cost of Petrol (gasoline), on average.
CNG is more eco-friendly than  Petrol (gasoline)  . Natural gas produces far fewer harmful emissions and hydrocarbons than  Petrol (gasoline)  .

Using CNG makes the engine cleaner and more efficient. Unlike  Petrol (gasoline)  , CNG minimizes harmful carbon deposits when combusted. This results to a cleaner and more efficient engine as well as longer lasting spark plugs. Oil changes are also minimized because of carbon deposits that contaminate the oil is eliminated.
CNG is abundant in the U.S. The country has extensive natural gas resources and a well-established network of pipelines. Switching to CNG can help ease the country’s dependence to foreign oil.
CNG has higher Octane levels averaging over 120 Octane .

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